You’re spinning.
The sadness is consuming you.

Maybe you’re having trouble getting out of bed. Or you wake up in the middle of the night, heart racing. Maybe you’re angry all the time or maybe you just DGAF. Maybe you’re grieving and feeling irreparably broken. Maybe your responsibilities and the expectations of others are so overwhelming that you’re either frozen like a deer in the headlights or fantasizing about a new identity somewhere far, far away.

You can’t make it stop.


Life can be tricky, baby. We often have so much to do, to be, to fix, that we get all up in our heads, stuck spinning on that hamster wheel of emotional reactivity. Faster and faster we go, getting absolutely nowhere.


Want peace of mind? Here’s the deal. If you’re hamster wheeling, your brain is on defense. It perceives a threat to your safety, and that means it offers you three options: fight, flight, or freeze. None of these options = peace of mind. Seriously, who can think of that when you’re running for your life?

Want to get to peace? Slower is faster.

Say What?

Yep, slower is faster.

When we choose to slow our roll, we actually create room for important stuff like introspection, examination, and experimentation. We effectively disrupt the futile hamster wheeling with thoughtful, compassionate curiosity about what’s really happening. The story emerges into the light where it can be heard, held, and healed.

Can’t stop the broken record in your head?

Let’s sing a new song



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“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

Christopher Reeve