Relationship Struggles?

If you’re not feeling the love in your love relationship, if your life partner is feeling like a life sentence, or if your soul mate has morphed into your soul hate, I can help.

Got conflict?

If you’re seriously dating, engaged, married, life-partnered, separated, divorce-curious, breaking up, divorcing, or post-divorce co-parenting, you’re in a relationship with someone you love or once loved.

Get Love.

Creating more loving relationships takes willingness and conscious effort. Practice giving love in word and deed. Both are necessary to build trust, mutual affection, and longevity. Learn your partner’s love language, and help your partner learn yours. Repeat daily.

Get Tools.

How do you best build and nurture the keeper relationship when the going gets tough? How do you learn from the relationship that didn’t make it? How do you create a new way of being in relationship when you’re divorced but co-parenting?

Fall in Love Again

Peaceful, meaningful, mindful, and loving relationships are my specialty. Healthy, happy relationships happen when each member of the couple is healthy and happy individually.

Need help getting your partner to understand you?

I’m fluent in love languages



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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Mignon McLaughlin