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Forgiveness Challenge: Day 28


Day 28: Taking Care of Each Other. We all want to be valued for who and what we are; we all want to be known and seen as someone with a place in the world.

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 282014-06-17T14:44:20-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 27


Day 27: Rediscovering your Goodness. Unforgiving ourselves creates the same harm to our emotional and physical health as unforgiving others. We choose to be accountable for our wrongdoing without remaining mired in the story of

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 272014-06-04T08:50:52-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 26


Day 26: Guilt & Shame. Yesterday, we learned about self-acceptance moving into self-forgiveness. Today, we identified two of the biggest barriers to practicing self-acceptance: Guilt and shame. Guilt is a function of doing, in that

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 262014-06-03T13:56:59-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 25


Day 25: Self-Acceptance. True self-acceptance comes with self-forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves is an exercise in honesty and accountability in that we own what we have done wrong and how we have harmed others. Self-acceptance recognizes our

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 252014-06-03T13:41:11-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 23


Day 23: Asking for Forgiveness. There is no asking for forgiveness without first admitting our wrong and witnessing the harm it caused. We must also express our remorse and offer a sincere apology for our

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 232014-06-02T16:33:36-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 24


Day 24: Forgiving Yourself. As hard as it can be to forgive others, it is often harder still to forgive ourselves. Yet we must in order to truly heal. We forgive ourselves for all the

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 242014-06-02T16:31:11-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 22


Day 22: Witnessing & Apologizing. Once we've admitted our wrong to the person we've harmed, we must witness the pain of our wrongdoing. We must hear and affirm what the person we've harmed has to

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 222014-06-02T15:48:12-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 21


Day 21: A Humble Admission. If we wish to ask for forgiveness, we must first admit that we have done wrong. Even where we feel justified in our actions, we must still acknowledge the hurt

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 212014-06-02T12:08:11-05:00

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 20


Day 20: We All Need Forgiveness. We all make mistakes. We all have caused harm to someone. We all have the potential to continue to cause harm. We cannot rewrite the past but we can

Forgiveness Challenge: Day 202014-06-02T11:43:48-05:00