Who told you to “Get over it!”? Sunday Mourning Tea

Who told you to “Get over it!” ? Most of us have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one. The grief sometimes sticks in our hearts in ways that…

Windy City Death Cafe 6/26/15

Connection, conversation, and cake: WIN! Join me and Judy Lendsey on 6/26 at Be Optimal Holistic Health Center in Glenview to explore death and dying — and life and living….

Windy City Death Cafe 2/20/15

Join Judy Lendsey & me for our next Windy City Death Cafe and experience thoughtful, respectful, and provocative conversation about death (and life). Tea and treats, too! http://deathcafe.com/deathcafe/1569/  

Death Cafe Glenview Update

Everyone dies. Everyone. In the meantime, how will you choose to live? Join us at Death Café Glenview and enjoy thoughtful, respectful, and provocative conversation about our ultimate destination. http://deathcafe.com/deathcafe/60/

Death Cafe Glenview

Celebrate your beautiful life with delicious cake and thoughtful conversation at Death Café Glenview. At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death….