Forgiveness Challenge: Day 29

Day 29: Becoming a More Forgiving Person

How do we take care of each other? By cultivating forgiveness. Everyone has multiple opportunities each day to practice small acts of forgiveness. Practicing small acts daily helps us remember the peace we create for ourselves when we choose to forgive. It also supports our efforts to forgive the larger wrongs that threaten our well-being and our world.

The Tutus say that the practice of forgiveness is both emotional and spiritual work. I agree wholeheartedly.

One of the best ways to cultivate forgiveness is to learn to not take things personally. Not every slight is intentional or all about us. Practice cutting others the slack that we hope to enjoy when we’re having a bad day or speaking or doing something thoughtless. Our world exists in the mindset we cultivate. Live from a place of gratitude rather than grievance.

After listening to Mpho’s poem, “The Book of Forgiving,” we were invited to look back over our journals and to note where we struggled or where we need more understanding. We were further invited to write about what we learned and experienced during the Challenge. Who have we forgiven? Who will we forgive next? Whom have we asked for forgiveness? Have we forgiven ourselves? How has practicing forgiveness changed us?

I found the Challenge to be a useful foundation from which to begin a daily forgiveness practice. It also helped me to work through the resistance I felt about forgiving someone important to me. I learned a great deal about cultivating the willingness and ability to forgive, and I intend to continue to learn and practice forgiving and asking for forgiveness.


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