Forgiveness Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Taking Care of Each Other.

We all want to be valued for who and what we are; we all want to be known and seen as someone with a place in the world. Every one of us is of infinite worth in our fellowship and interdependence. When we care for one another, we also care for ourselves and for our world.

Today we listened to the final stanza of Mpho’s poem, “Prayer Before a Prayer.” We were invited to think of ways to create a world of forgiveness, keeping it close¬† to home by focusing on our own relationships.

We were also invited to write down three intentions around forgiveness by thinking about how we can become more forgiving people. How can we become forgiveness ambassadors in the world?

My intentions are 1) To make forgiveness a daily practice; 2) To help others make forgiveness a daily practice; and 3) To create a forgiveness group for support and fellowship on our forgiveness journeys.

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