Forgiveness Challenge: Day 25

Day 25: Self-Acceptance.

True self-acceptance comes with self-forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves is an exercise in honesty and accountability in that we own what we have done wrong and how we have harmed others.

Self-acceptance recognizes our humanity, in all its glories and frailties. When we love ourselves — no matter what — we open the door to healing and transformation.

Today we listened to a segment by Dr. Fred Luskin on self-forgiveness. Dr. Luskin said that we need to do two things to forgive ourselves: 1) Physically soften by practicing meditation, yoga, breath work and the like, to loosen the hold of adrenaline on our brains and to allow ourselves to open to possibility, and 2) Change the story of how awful we are to one recognizing our humanity. When we know in our hearts that we have done everything possible to correct our wrongs and when we have done everything possible to change ourselves, we can move into self-forgiveness.

Our exercise today was to think about the things we wrote yesterday for which we wish to be forgiven. We were asked to focus on the one we chose to begin with by writing the story of what it is. Once we did this, we were invited to name all the feelings that we’re aware of around this story. I have some very strong feelings of guilt and shame around my story.

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