Forgiveness Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: Forgiving Yourself.

As hard as it can be to forgive others, it is often harder still to forgive ourselves. Yet we must in order to truly heal.

We forgive ourselves for all the same reasons we forgive others. We forgive ourselves to release the past, to make meaning from our suffering, to write a new story of who we are. We tell ourselves the truth about what we’re feeling: Shame, guilt, anger, resentment, grief, loss. One by one, we work to transform these feelings into compassion, acceptance, kindness, comfort, hope, and love.

Forgiving ourselves takes humility and a lot of hard work. We must be willing to be honest with ourselves about our harmful beliefs and behaviors and we must possess a heartfelt desire to change them.

After listening to Mpho recite the poem “My Own Humanity,” we were asked to list all of the things for which we need to forgive ourselves. We were then asked to choose one and explain why we chose it.

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