Forgiveness Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Asking for Forgiveness.

There is no asking for forgiveness without first admitting our wrong and witnessing the harm it caused. We must also express our remorse and offer a sincere apology for our harmful actions. Once we have taken these steps, however, asking for forgiveness signifies that we are asking to begin anew. We wish to release the person we’ve harmed from the past by making amends for our wrongdoing. We supply, as much as possible, what the person we’ve harmed needs from us to forgive. By doing so, we also release ourselves from the shame of our wrongdoing.

After listening to Mpho recite the second stanza of the poem “A Prayer Before the Prayer,” we were asked to complete the following sentence: “I would understand if you are not able to forgive me now, but I hope you will be able to forgive me someday because…”. We also explored ideas for renewing the relationship by considering the question “How can I repair what I have broken?”


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