Forgiveness Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: A Humble Admission.

If we wish to ask for forgiveness, we must first admit that we have done wrong. Even where we feel justified in our actions, we must still acknowledge the hurt they caused. In this way, we recognize that every conflict has two sides, neither of which negates the other.

When we walk the Fourfold Path, we increase the odds that we will be forgiven. We know that this path is the way to healing. Even if the person we’ve harmed chooses not to forgive us, our hope is that our admission will help them to heal.

The first step is to admit the wrong. There may be great fear and resistance to doing this. However, as the Tutus point out, if we truly wish to right our wrongs and repair the relationship, we must not compound the harm by failing to make an honest confession. Moreover, our admission is the catalyst for releasing the shame we feel about the wrongdoing. This is a powerfully healing step.

After a meditation led by Mpho, we were invited to think of someone who we wish to ask for forgiveness. In our journals, we listed the harm we caused to this person. We were asked to admit these wrongs to a trusted person who would just hear us. If it was not possible to do this, we were asked to read the wrongs aloud to ourselves, the Universe, or the God of our understanding.


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