Forgiveness Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: We All Need Forgiveness.

We all make mistakes. We all have caused harm to someone. We all have the potential to continue to cause harm.

We cannot rewrite the past but we can do our best to create peaceful relationships going forward. We can endeavor to make amends by admitting our wrongs and striving to change our behavior. We can all experience the freedom of asking for forgiveness from those we have wronged. We can do our best to meet their needs in order to renew the relationship.

When we seek to right the wrongs we committed, we demonstrate our willingness to heal ourselves and those we have harmed.

After viewing a video of the Tutus discussing asking for forgiveness, we were invited to write about who we wish to have forgive us. Why are we seeking forgiveness from them? What did we do?

I wish to be forgiven for my anger and for my silence.

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