End Emotional Eating

End Emotional Eating

Do you snack mindlessly? Eat when you’re not hungry? Eat when you’re stressed, unhappy, bored, or anxious? Use food to numb your emotions? Experience powerful cravings for certain foods?

Me, too. But I’ve found a better way.

Join me to learn how to skillfully manage stressful experiences and difficult emotions without using food to cope. Stop wreaking havoc with your health, weight, and self-regard. Create a healthier, sustainable, and enjoyable relationship with food.

My End Emotional Eating Group is held regularly at Ellis Therapy & Fitness in Prairie View/Lincolnshire, IL. It meets 1x/week for 6 weeks and costs $200. We use the book “End Emotional Eating” by Jennifer Taitz, Psy.D. to guide our work. And the work works.

Ready to End Emotional Eating? Contact me and find your better way!